Choosing The Right Dress To Get Well Dressed | Bepep Fashion

Choosing The Right Dress To Get Well Dressed | Bepep Fashion

For men, there are enough rules to look great and the most important one is to choose the right type of dress that would give you the right look. Every man and woman have their own choice of dressing style statement for casual basis and occasional basis. Yet all you need is to do the right mismatch that would give you a stunning appeal. 

How to Pair the Right Dress to Look Well Dressed   

These dressing tips are mentioned here after a lot of research that has been popular for years. Let’s start with how well dress men look in some of the contemporary outfits. These are the rules that would give you the most appreciable look. 

  • The Combination of Shirts and Pants

A casual shirt and matching pants makes a stunning combination that would give you a dapper look. The shirts are available in different options; they can be full-sleeved, half-sleeved shirts or can be designed in a different collar pattern that matches well with an ankle length pant. Tuck the shirt inside and add a belt to it for a finalizing appeal.     

  • Party Wear Shirts and Pants

Shirts For Men

When going to a party then the most appreciable pick would be a party wear shirt and matching pants. There is a wide range of party wear shirts for men that are detailed with some shimmery fancy work and colorful threads to make it an embellished party wear pick. Adding some accessories to it would complete the overall look. 

  • Chinos with the Right Top

Chinos For Men

The lightweight cotton blended chinos can be paired with different men's tops for a mesmerizing look. The chinos for men are available in different colors and you can choose something colorful to get a playful vibe. They are best for summers, so while going to an outing just pick a chinos and pair it with a printed t-shirt to finalize the look.

  • Hoodies and Sweatpants 

Hoodies For Men

Hoodies are the new trend nowadays that gives you a classy and dapper appeal. The stylish hoodies for men can be paired with different pants, but the best match to it is a baggy sweatpants. Your bottom could be of the same color or it may be a contrast color that could match the hoodie in a perfect way.  

  • Cotton Shirts and Denim Shorts

Did you know that denim shorts are one of the favorite American uniforms? Men there pair these shorts with shirts and t-shirts to get the most dignifying look. The combination of a bright colored cotton t-shirt for men and funky denim shorts makes a really fascinating combination. Adding a cap and matching sneakers to it would give you the right look. 

  • T-shirts and Jeans

The basic and casual need of every man is a simple t-shirt paired with jeans. When you need to go out or are going to the office the one and only need is a t-shirt and jeans. Sometimes stylish t-shirts for men are also paired with denim jeans that give you a comfortable party and festive look whenever you want.  

  • Casual t-shirts and Tracks

T-Shirts For Men

This combination can be your night suit or your gym suit. If you are wearing an athletic style t-shirt and the same fabric track then you can carry the look to the gym. Casual t-shirt for men come in a wide range and they may be made of fabrics such as cotton, rayon, spandex or lycra that gives a comfortable appeal whenever worn. 

  • Fancy Shirts and Bottoms

Men also have options in fancy shirts and bottoms that could be their most preferable festive wear. The stylish & fancy shirt for men can be paired with denim jeans or narrow pants as the look may be and as you prefer for occasions and function. But do not over accessories your look just add minimal accessories to finalize the appeal. 

  • Suits that suits you Well

Weddings and receptions are something where you can flaunt your dashing appeal with a suit. Be it a three piece suit or a four piece suit everything will look well if it is detailed in the right manner. Go for colours that suit you. Don’t stick to classics, go with trends for olive green, pastel purple and pink shades that could give you a tremendous appeal. 

  • Blazer and Denims 

Your formal casual looks can be completed with a pair of half sleeve t-shirt for men tucked inside denim jeans and showcased with a blazer. The classic blazer colors like grey, black and navy blue would give you the most dashing appeal at the event. When you have a meeting in the office at that time you can opt for this look and be the charming handsome of the event. 

Some points to Remember

  • Keep your look as minimal as possible. Don’t add much accessories to your formal and casual look. 
  • Choose the accessories depending on the event and type of dress you wear. 
  • A pair of shoes that matches your outfit in the right way. You can go for leather shoes when wearing formals. 
  • When you tuck in the shirt, add a belt to your look and if possible match the belt and shoes color so that you can make an effective presence. 
  • Add a tie if you are going to a formal meeting to make it very professional. 
  • Watch is a not to forget thing whether you wear casual or formal. 

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