3 things to keep in mind while buying a designer saree

3 things to keep in mind while buying a designer saree

Saree is considered to be one of the best Indian traditional outfits. It not just brings the element of tradition to your fit, but also brings class along with it. Be it a designer saree or a simple cotton saree, it always brings a sudden grace to your style. Yet, It can be hard sometimes to find a good saree that will match your personality. 

In the last few decades there has been a revolution in how you pursue sarees in fashion. A lot of styles, fabrics, designs and prints have walked into the game of fashion with sarees. You have a whole lot to choose from. sarees are now available for traditional occasions as well as parties! Pairing your designer saree with a matching coloured blouse is not an only option anymore. You can even pair your sarees with fancier blouses to dress it up and simple blouses to dress it down. You can play around your saree just as much as you can play around with any piece of clothing for style. 

Buying a designer saree should be put more thought into. Because…

  1. You are not just buying a saree, you are investing in it. You are gonna wear that saree for more than 5 years if not less. 
  2. It is more than 4 metres of fabric that you are draping around your body. So it must be comfortable for you to walk, sit and move around in it. 

So, here are 3 things you should keep in mind, while buying a designer saree

1. Fabric

Like said before, it is more than 4 metres of fabric that you drape around your body. However great as it looks, we all know that after a certain point of time, it gets a little uncomfortable to keep it on. In some fabrics you start to feel a little hot and sweaty after some time.so, it is most important to check if you are getting a good fabric for your saree or not. There are a lot of options available for the fabric of your saree. Cotton sarees, cotton silk sarees, banarasi silk saree, georgette saree, and many more.

You should always select the fabric according to what function you will be wearing that designer saree to, and for how long you will be attending the function. You have to select the fabric according to function, as the same plain white saree looks different in cotton and much different in silk. Just like so, that same plain white saree is more comfortable in cotton and less comfortable in silk. So, the occasion can help you choose the fabric. The more you are comfortable, the more you are confident. 

2. Prints

After selecting a perfect fabric, it is time to choose prints. There are lakhs of various prints available for your designer sarees in the market nowadays. Modern patterns, strips, floral patterns, bohemian, art prints, typography, etc.

You can always choose the printed saree that attracts your eyes. But if you are looking to buy a fancy saree for a specific function or an occasion, then you have to check if the particular print that is set into your eyes, suits the occasion or not. You can go with strips for a party or a fancy event. You can choose modern patterns or art patterns for some fancy event or some important business day, or some cool work trip. You can go with floral patterns for traditional events, fancy events, trips, and mostly everything. The print on your saree can reflect your personality. So, you have to be very careful of what you wear.

3. Embroidery

Embroidery adds a lot to your saree. It can do wonders if selected perfectly. Like suggested before, always see what function you are buying that particular saree for. If you are going for a day time event, go with lighter embroidery on your fancy saree, maybe done with thread. Avoid wearing zari work or anything that heavy for a day time event except if it's a wedding that you are attending.

For the night time events, and if it is a cool and casual party then you might want to go for some sequence saree or some readymade decent bollywood saree, or readymade party wear saree for women or some slightly heavy embroidery. And if it's a grand event, maybe a wedding, then definitely go for heavy embroidery work. You can even use gold or silver zari work for your saree. 

Style, another important thing:

Fabric, design, embroidery - after checking all these things, there is one most important thing left to check, which is STYLE. What is more important than style right? Your style can make any saree look better and worse. You shouldn’t wear a simple cotton saree to a wedding. And you shouldn’t wear a heavily embroidered designer saree to a casual event either. But with style, you can do both. You can style your simple green cotton saree with some heavily embroidered green silk blouse, some fine gold jewellery, and a golden belt around your waist and you are ready to rock a simple cotton saree to a wedding. Just like so, you can wear your heavily embroidered saree and dress it down with a decent full sleeved black or white blouse, some dainty earrings and some rings and you are good to go for a casual event wearing a heavily embroidered saree! 

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